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Alyssa Milburn

I'm (primarily) a MSc CS student (Computer Systems and Security) at the Vrije Universiteit / Universiteit van Amsterdam, as of September 2014.

I gave in and made a LinkedIn profile, so there's some more details over there.

I'm done with courses for my MSc, but I'm still trying to finish my thesis; this means that, TA duties aside, I'm fairly flexible time-wise I have no spare time. See the bottom of this page for my schedule.


Practical bits:

My likely location in Period 2 (November/December):

Tuesdays: I'm usually at the VU for the whole day. (I'm probably in meetings from 11am-1pm or so.)
Wednesdays/Fridays: I'm usually at the UvA Concurrency en Parallel Programmeren labs on the Science Park in the later afternoon, and in C3.159 before that (but do send an e-mail first).